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Post-lockdown times bring new challenges: MBA Consult Group will expand to Latin America and Africa

After the terrible crisis caused by the global pandemic, in the situation of uncertainty, many households and companies are experiencing shock and threat of bankruptcy. In these times, the role of professional facilitators between financial institutions and consumers of financial products is becoming more important than ever.

Debt collection business is also experiencing significant difficulties, but MBA Consult, thanks to its own IT solutions, impeccable infrastructure, as well as its excellent team, managed to quickly adapt to new realities and restructure business processes so that the Group’s companies did not stop working for a single day.

Continuing to help its clients in all countries of presence and strengthening market position, MBA Consult Group has decided to further expand its geographical presence in Latin America and Africa.

«The first step of expansion will be entering the Mexican market in Autumn 2020. In 2021, we will continue to strengthen our position in Latin America and plan to enter the markets of Brazil and Argentina, and prepare to penetrate the rapidly developing African region,» said Viktor Vodenko, the Global CEO of MBA Consult.

At the same time, in accordance with the strategic development plan, the Group will continue to actively invest in NPL portfolios’ purchasing, as well as outsource non-core collection functions from major banks and MFOs in all countries of its presence.

After unifying companies under the single MBA Consult brand in the end of 2018, the Group focused on strengthening its position in the Asian region. «Since the end of 2019, we have started to actively invest in the acquisition of NPLs. This is a kind of indicator of our development in the region and the level of confidence in the Group: for several years of presence in the Asian market, we have achieved high performance benchmarks. We are constantly improving the level of service and technological base. Our partners and clients appreciate that in such a difficult time for the financial industry, we have supported financial companies and continued buying NPL portfolios. Today we are ready for the next significant step.»

«Our plans to promote the new markets are an important and consistent step after the unifying all companies under the single brand MBA Consult. This is a step towards the achievement of our global goal – Evolution of the global financial system,»- commented Mr. Vodenko.

MBA Consult Group

MBA Consult is a global player in the NPL management market and a leader of credit management service. The company launched business in 1996. In 2018, the Group announced about the unification of companies under the single brand – MBA Consult. The Group has offices in 11 countries and operates in Europe, CIS and Asia.

MBA Consult cooperates with more than 500 corporate clients worldwide, has more than 25 million unique debtors at work, and has already helped 2.5 million common people to solve their financial problems, over $4 billion of assets under the management and over $1 billion returned to clients.

Latin America

The region is inferior in its territorial size to Africa and Asia, but is ahead of those in terms of the specific industries’ advancement. According to regional indicators of economic development, Latin America can be attributed approximately to the «middle layer» of the world hierarchy: occupying 15% of the earth’s land and representing 8.5% of the world’s population, its contribution to the global volume of industrial production is more than 8%, agricultural 13%, and in world exports — 5.5%.

Latin America is primarily a dynamically developing region, although its development is turbulent and extremely uneven. The region consists of 33 States with a population of more than 620 million people.

2019 was quite a difficult year for Latin American countries: social upheavals, trade wars between the United States and China, and the onset of the global crisis have greatly affected the region’s economy, which is more dependent on exports. Despite this, the region is showing growth, continuing to attract foreign business and investment.


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